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Every event has Google maps access at your fingertips.

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More interested in just finding the next run for your favorite kennel? We've got that too.


Why a new hash app? The old app works just fine.

If you don't mind that the old app looks like it was built in 2010 (protip: most of it was) you are correct that it still works.
But the old server is being shutdown, so just download the new app

Is this available for iPhone?

What??? No. Tell your grandmother that she's out of luck.

Why is xxxxx event missing from the calendar?

All of the events are pulled directly from the WH3 and HS!WTF? calendars, check with your hareraiser to make sure that they have been listed. If it is on the calendar and not on the app then that's a bug, you should report it (see next item).

How do I report a bug?

Contact FBS directly or file a bug.

How do I build one of these for my kennel?

Everything you see here is open source, take a look in the repo and reach out to FBS with any questions.